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Last summer, Howard finally choose to join the Lakers, and Kobe Bryant, Steve Nash, Gasol composition F4 shocked the League. However, did not bring to the Lakers lineup of luxury good record, was Spurs swept them in the first round of playoffs, which may also be direct cause of promoting world of Warcraft left. In fact, beginning of Warcraft nike air max tn damto the Lakers frustrated, his favourite team was the nets, he wants to play with friends DeLong. However, magic is not willing to let Howard, he had to “bow down” came to the Lakers. Although Howard has not yet announced his decision ultimately to the Lakers, but indications are he left Los Angeles, joined the rockets is a foregone conclusion. Former rockets player, now the Lakers ‘ power forward Jordan Hill for the first time expressed his shock: “the Lakers no D12?” Then, Hill sent a Tweet: “congratulations, big guy!” News by the Howard will join the nike air max 90 dam rockets, rockets point guard Patrick-Beverly was very excited, he said on Twitter, “” I’m going to give away the number 12th. ”

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